2021 Race Information

How much does it cost to register?

There is a $40 entrance fee. Students under 21 are $25. All amputees and adaptive athletes can register for free (contact us for a code).

What happens to the proceeds?

All proceeds from the race will benefit the Bionic Project Inc, a Cambridge based 501c3 non-profit. Our mission is to promote active lifestyles, athletics, and inclusive environments for those who have to overcome physical challenges.

What do I get for registering?

All runners will be mailed a race t-shirt, a race bib, and a commemorative poster. In additon, age group winners and outstanding performers will earn a Bionic 5K trucker hat.

Who is this race for?

This race is for everyone! Walkers, joggers, competitive runners, adaptive athletes, hand cyclists, students, teachers, parents, kids in strollers, adults in robot costumes, .... All are welcome!

What does it mean to run the race virtually?

A virtual race is a race that can be run (or walked, or rolled) from any location. You get to run your own race, at your own pace, and time it yourself on a course of your choosing. For this option, choose "Individual Registration" when signing up.

What is a Bionic Home Base?

A Bionic Home Base is formed by a small group of runners who decide to run the race together in-person. A designated Home Base Captain will map out the 3.1 mile course and help coordinate the mini race. This is one way that we can safely enjoy the benefits of a racing community while adhering to COVID-19 guidelines. Masking and social distancing protocols will be followed and group sizes will not exceed local outdoor gathering regulations. If a group becomes too large, we will split the Home Base into two or more teams with differing start times or locations.

How do you join a Bionic Home Base?

When signing up for the race, choose “Join a team” at the beginning of registration and select the location you wish to join. Click here for a list of current Home Bases.

Can I start my own Bionic Home Base?

Yes! When signing up for the race, select "Create a team" at the beginning of registration and enter your city/town and state as your team name. This will allow others who may live nearby to join your Home Base. Spread the word to your local community and choose your 3.1 mile course.

When will I get my race shirt?

Mail times are unpredictable. We will begin mailing shirts on April 5th. Sign up early!

What should I do when I finish the race on April 25th?

1. On this website, under "2021 Race", select “Upload Results” and fill out the form to enter your time. You will enter your bib number (see Racewire email), name, gender, age, and time (in minutes and seconds - so if you walked and it took an hour and 15 minutes, enter 75 minutes.) 2. If you want to be considered for male and female age group prizes, take a picture of the device you used to measure your time and email it to info@bionic5k.com before midnight EST on Sunday April 25th. Be sure to include your name and bib number in the email. Check the Leaderboard for up to date race results. 3. Upload a picture of yourself to Instagram with #bionic5k to join our photo gallery. If you are like my mother (who is walking the race again btw - go mom!!) and have never used Instagram before, email your photo and caption to info@bionic5k.com, and I'll post it for you! You can follow the feed on Instagram or check the gallery on our website to see us all together.

When is the race?

April 23-25, 2021